The significance of Megan T. Stallion shooting, and what followed, was based on an interview with the writer Clover Hope about how the act of violence against the notorious black woman on the line was reduced to a joke. After breaking up in 2019 and working with Beyonce in early 2020, Megan Tea Stallion experienced an even greater wave of popularity this summer thanks to a song in which she performed with superstar Cardi B. “She said black women feel insecure,” said Clover Hope, author of The Motherlode: 100+ Women Who Made Hip-Hop. Megan Tea’s stallion will perform at the BET Hip Hop Awards in October 2019. She is also involved in another ongoing dispute that raises important questions about black women and violence. She mentioned her fear of the police during an incident that could have consequences for blacks with “hair” in the car. She mentioned that people tend to make online violence a little funny. Hope talked to Sasha Pfeiffer about NPR “All Things Considered”; listen to the rest of her conversation via an audio link. Partly, she went out to tell online jokes about “her”, including jokes about some other celebrities. In July we learned that the artist had experienced a violent incident when she was shot in the leg. It was only later that she published photos of her injuries at Instagram and identified her as the alleged attacker. 1 on the iTunes playlist, despite disagreements over sexually explicit texts. “This is not funny,” the rapper at the Post said. “T was no reason to make up false stories. The WPA was rejected.