Megan’s old best friend, Tea Stallion was publicly defeated after shooting with rapper Houston and Tori Lanez in July. Megan reiterated that Tori shot him for no reason and accused Kelsey of taking money from Lanez to silence the incident. In the video, Meg and his friends show the camera their middle finger and in the headline of the stallion they write: “Dear Friends of GN. “Bussin Back” by Kelsey Nicole and see Meg’s comment below. On Kelsey’s track, she explained that Megan lied about the incident, while she continued to deny that she shot her ex-boyfriend. Megan insists that Lanes shot her after the fight, while Tori claims that he is not responsible for Meg’s injuries. A Houston rapper picks up her in the middle finger and makes fun of “Bassin Back,” a rehearsal of her by the ex-boyfriend. Spectators have been very concerned for the past four months, and after she was accused of shooting, Kelsey stubbornly denied that she pulled the trigger. T was a lot of speculation about what actually happened on the fateful night that Megan was injured, but each of the parties involved shared their version of the truth. Just when you think that this situation can’t be more strange, Kelsey Nicole comes with traces of disagreement. The new “Young Naked is teasing” Doctor Tell me about the new hip-hop news.