In the jungle, the wet video of Megan Tea Stallion unique signature “Hot Girl Summer”, presenting the stud and his guests Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign “the hottest summer party” at the end of the season and explain to them that “hot girls win the summer” in a news chiropractor, as Lala Anthony reports that she lives off her pool party. The rest of the video shows a big pool party – a party that turned out the footage from last month’s video in its original location – w Megan dances with Ty while holding puppies, swimming pools with Nicki in the living rooms with neon green tiger tracks and, of course, “steers the boat”, spilling the brandy straight from the bottle into the mouth of the fans. Hot Girl Summer may have come a little late to be the official summer song – this honour probably belongs to Saweetie and her song “My Type” – but it’s certainly the last three months in which more Hot 100 rappers than ever before and hip-hop women have made huge profits, from VMAs to Hot 100 No. and the first time they did that, they’ve earned a lot of money. The video begins with one of Megan’s “lumps” that complains in the mirror, puts on her cowboy hat and her sexy girl practicing that her deplores lack of knee strength compared to her idol. The video, directed by Munachi Osegbu, is an appropriate addition to the song and the perfect conclusion to the stallion season. “Hot Girl Summer reached the top of the new Rolling Stone cards a few weeks ago. Chyron is right – the Hot Girls certainly won the summer, but it looks like they just started.