But Rust in Peace, the band’s fourth album with a complex hit, came out while the rock guitar was on the rise and the metal was stuck; Megadeth leader, Dave Mustein, showed foresight to see what would happen on the horizon. Countdown to Extinction contains some of Megadet’s most popular songs, including Symphony of Destruction, the first single of the album, Sweating Bullets and Skin O’My Teeth: “And unlike previous albums, mostly written by Mustaine and bassist David Elefson, guitarist Marty Freedman and drummer Nick Menza, these songs have contributed significantly to their creation. In 1991, when we wrote the songs for “Countdown to Disappearing”, we saw on the wall that one day the era was over when we helped to compose the first Thrash and Speed Metal song,” said Mustan in 1999, “and for many Thrash Metal fans, the culmination of his career was the release of Rust in Peace in the 1990s, a heavy and monumental album full of corkscrewcrapers, pyrotins and soloists. The countdown to disappearance was not only a gateway that gave Megadet the freedom and flexibility to try something metallic, but also gave Mustan more confidence in his “own” vocal abilities. So he adapted to his environment, reworked the band’s sound and made Countdown to Extinction a compromise between commercial metal and garbage, simpler, more straightforward and more radio than ever before released by Megadeth. Megadet recorded Countdown to Extinction with producer Max Norman, who also worked with the band in 1994 on her next album, Youthanasia. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Countdown to extinction”, Megadet played the album on a tour of the Americas from start to finish. If he hadn’t planned to write an alternative album, he knew it would have been a bad career to follow Rust in Peace with another technical album. John Wiederhorn of Loudwire is the lead author of Louder than Hell: The Final Oral History of Metal, and co-author of Scott Ian’s autobiography: The story of this man-synthetics), Al Jourgensensensensensens autobiography, Ministry of Autobiography, Ministry of Gospel Lost after the autobiography of Al-Jurgensen and Roger Miret “My excitement: The Agnes Front: The Agnes Front”. The madness is that I told Dave [Allefson] and the boys: “When the countdown ends twice, I go into the parachute. “Mustan said. The songs were heavy and were added to the band’s first songs because they moved Megadeth into more commercial water. This version contained the original album, remade on the first CD and a concert at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1992 on the second CD. Megadet managed to combine intensity and infectivity to create strange intros, atmospheric reefs and melodic rhythms, and he and guitarist Marty Friedman kept the music fresh and well-prepared. On December 24, 2013 the band released a live recording of the album at a concert at the Fox Theatre in Pomona, California.

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