While speaking with Billboard, Michael-who released a mixtape called Django: No Lies The Mixtape last summer-was quick to point out that he enjoys recording music because he’s “Never really seen someone do both football and music and really be good at them.”

While Michael did give him props and say that he’s “On top right now in Seattle,” he also referred to him as-welp-“Mackly” when he was asked about him, which proves he’s probably never actually heard a Macklemore song in his life.

At one point during the interview, Michael bigs up Drake by comparing the Seahawks to the rapper.

“This is such a great team,” he says, “And he’s such a great musician.” But one question later, Michael switches up his tune dramatically and admits that he doesn’t listen to Drake.

He then refers to himself as “a Meek Mill guy” and sings the Philly rapper’s praises over and over and over again.

Drake visited with the Seahawks back in 2013 when Michael was a rookie, but despite that, Michael says he’s “The only guy on this team who was standing up for Meek Mill through the whole entire beef [with Drake].” He tells Billboard that he wants to collaborate with Meek and even goes as far as to say that he’s “The biggest Meek Mill fan.”

“When he was going through his whole Drake beef,” Michael says, “And everyone was like, ‘Is Meek Mill’s career over?’ I was the only one saying, ‘It’s just starting’-you know?”.

Michael is probably not the only NFL player who was standing in Meek’s corner during the Drake beef.