Meek Mill’s legal team submitted a filing to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court calling for the removal of Judge Genece Brinkley from his case.

Initially after the rapper’s evidentiary hearing earlier this month, Mill’s legal team was no longer looking to call for Brinkley’s removal after submitting their evidence with hope to get Mill’s original conviction overturned.

On Tuesday, Brinkley denied Mill getting his original conviction overturned.

Mill’s legal team cited Brinkley as acting “Like a prosecutor, not a judge” when it comes to the rapper’s case.

Meek Mill’s legal team submitted a filing to the PA Supreme Court today looking to remove Judge Genece Brinkley from his case “Once and for all” per his press team.

The document notes the state Supreme Court said Brinkley could opt to remove herself from presiding over Mill’s case, along with an order to release Mill on bail.

Mill’s legal team said Brinkley refused to do so, saying she’s more informed about his case than the Supreme Court judges are.

“Rather than honor this Court’s restrained suggestion, Judge Brinkley doubled down-for instance, making comments through her lawyer on Mr. [Robert] Williams’ pending motions and going so far as to say to the media through her lawyer that she ‘knows Meek’s case inside and out, and the Supreme Court Justices do not,'” the document reads.

Mill’s legal team said Brinkley “Lacks impartiality” adding that she laughed at local lawyer Bradley Bridge’s testimony and criticized how the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office was handling Mill’s situation.