In addition to the verdict overturned in 2008, Pennsylvania Supreme Court judges have reportedly overturned the decision of Philadelphia’s judge, Genece Brinkley, on Meek’s failure to comply with the conditions for conditional release, which put “him” in jail in 2017. This positive outcome would not have been possible without the support of my family, my lawyers, JAY-Z, Desiree Perez, Michael Rubin, Philadelphia’s public prosecutor, and my supporters who helped me overcome the ups and downs. I would like to thank the judges of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for their wisdom and transparency in reviewing my case, which has unanimously nullified my conviction and given me a new trial. Meek Mill’s 2008 conviction for possession of drugs and weapons was overturned, according to the Associated Press, and Pitchfork can confirm this in court. The Philadelphia DA’s office has indicated that it will not call Graham as a witness at the retrial. Meek’s lawyers argued that Graham could not be considered a reliable witness and that “he” was reported to have made false statements in Meek’s first trial. I am determined to work with my REFORM Alliance team to change these outdated laws and correct our criminal justice system. He will be granted a new trial on the charges presented over the decades “for new evidence of alleged police corruption,” said AP. Meek Mill was arrested in 2007 by police officer Reginald Graham. Repeat “Why was Meek arrested? The past 11 years have been mentally and emotionally difficult, but I am very glad that justice has prevailed. Unfortunately, millions of people in our country face similar problems and do not have the resources to respond as I do. We must continue to support them.

Meek Mill Gets Trial