T’s a huge tonal shift once Cady enters high school that carries through to the end of the song, but underneath it, Cady still roars for acceptance.

We wanted an opportunity for Janis and Cady to vocally tear up the end of a song together.

“What’s Wrong With Me?”Tina and Nell wanted to write a broken love song that would throw a light on the way girls felt about each other at this age.

We knew we needed a number that could top the song before it, “Sexy.” That song became such a showstopper that it was an even bigger challenge.

ACT 2″Stop”This was probably the most collaborative song of the album.

Initially we had a song opening the second act called “Bossed Up” in which Cady relished her new power and popularity, and it was really fun… too fun, as it turns out.