McClennie focused on his solo work and collaborated with music industry titan Quincy Jones He worked tirelessly to change the outdated code language of the Grammys, which mislabeled categories of black music. He co-sponsored a proposal urging the organization to remove the term “urban” from its categories and replace it with more descriptive terms such as “melodic rap.” “On the other hand,he’ also co-sponsored a proposal expanding the categories of world music. The 26-year-old producer and songwriter, who is releasing the album completely independently, is known for shaping the sound of alternative black R&B, collaborating with the likes of Jamila Woods, Chica, H. E. R. Khalid, and others. This week we got a preview of his upcoming album, which features the self-proclaimed “creative black mind” unabashedly grooving and featuring St. Vincent McClenney. McClenney is preparing to release his new project On A Virgo Mind on August 13 this summer. By the way, McClenney was also involved on the hit “Location,” which Khalid made famous and was nominated for a Grammy. Check out the song below and listen to some of his older work above with the video for “Give Me Time.” Tags: kerosene, McClenney, On A Virgo Mind, St. Stay tuned for more news on McClenney’s upcoming new album. Pantera, aka Daniela Bojorges-Giraldo, is an Irvine native, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. She has a new single out with St. John’s.

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