It is believed that the father of Yai Maver’s son is YoungBoy as the couple’s controversial relationship took place in front of a global audience. Neither Yaya nor the 20-year-old artist have confirmed that they are waiting for their son together, but in recent months Yaya has published confusing photos that highlight the rapper and suggest that they are still together. While rumors of the NBA’s arrest of YoungBoy continue to circulate, Yaya Mayweather seems to be confirming his pregnancy. Yaya has been off the radar of social networks for some time, but a new video shows that she is ready to share her news with the world. Earlier this year, Yaya was arrested for stabbing one of YoungBoy’s mothers, a young woman named Lapatra Jacobs. The 19-year-old was waiting for her child after someone “leaked” the news to the Internet. According to the news, she already has six children with five wives, and it looks like Yaya will put her and her son’s name on the list. A video appeared in which Yaya is dancing in the TikTok trend, and in the video the teenager is clearly pregnant. Yaya is accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and can be sentenced to 99 years in prison. For several months, a 19-year-old girl avoided gossip about her pregnancy. 1 album with his last TOP album, but also gained a reputation as a womanizer. NBA YoungBoy is one of the best rappers, who recently received a negative voice. Tell me more about hip-hop news.

Mayweather Shows Pregnant Yaya