Joyce Bulifant was, as she put it, “Signed, sealed and delivered” to star as Mrs. Brady in a new TV show titled “The Brady Bunch.”

She would go on to find success in other TV shows like “The Bill Cosby Show,” “Love, American Style,” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” just to name a few.

Bulifant had better luck in 1971 when she was chosen to play Marie Slaughter, wife of news writer Murray Slaughter on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” But her favorite memory from her involvement with the sitcom has nothing to do with being on set.

“It’s my big ego, I think,” Bulifant admitted on getting involved with men in Hollywood who just weren’t right for her.

Bulifant moved on to “Bewitched” director William Asher, who was previously married to the show’s star, Elizabeth Montgomery.

A rep for Bulifant told Fox News the actress completely lost touch with Hansen and has no idea of his wabouts.