In addition to spending “his” time writing great songs, Mark is also an avid artist and illustrator, loves “his” cats and wants to express “his” love and deep respect for “his” friends and family. They’re back – Mark Westberg a multi-talented artist, actor and model, is back with the follow-up to “his” magical EP, Starseed Phantoms. Music Crowns is a global platform for finding music artists, the place to find the world’s best unsigned, independent and re-signed artists. Mark is on the autism spectrum, pansexual and gender fluid, and is the director of the Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance in New Mexico. Ghost is a metaphorical and personal reflection on inner struggles and speaks to the fact that gradually healing the wounds and conflicts of the past is not always the easiest path. I am a creative soul who loves to write about music; all genres, all vibes. St. Bedlam, originally from Australia, has refreshing music with a rich, flawless sound. If you haven’t heard of the amazing and charismatic Mark Westberg, you’re missing something. Westberg is a fantastic composer who will have your mind wandering all sorts of twisted and colorful landscapes. The YK Band consists of Yerco Lorca from Barcelona and Huang Kuan Yin from Taiwan. This song also features a bright and poetic lyric combined with a warm and melodic guitar. New Jersey pop-rock trio Painted Young has unveiled their new EP. With traces of The Doors, t’s a classic feel . Definitely food for the soul.

Mark Westberg Drops