A clan association says it is surprised more Scots have not wanted to discover if they are a relative of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe.

The actress’s mother, Gladys Pearl Monroe, had ancestral links to Scotland, according to Clan Munro USA. It believes that an ancestor of Monroe, an alternative spelling of the Scottish surname Munro, was a Highlander banished to America in the 1650s.

Clan Munro USA launched its offer of the test kits to Munro men of Highland origin last summer in the hope of learning more about film star Monroe’s Scottish ancestry, and the wider Munro clan in general.

Clan Munro USA hopes to trace Monroe’s Scottish roots through YDNA testing.

The results were compared to the others in its Munro DNA Project, a database of hundreds of samples provided by Munros living all over the world whose family trees have been studied.

The project includes the descendants of Munros from Easter Ross in the Highlands, also the fifth US president James Monroe and Scots soldiers who were imprisoned and then banished to the American colonies after the Battle of Worcester in 1651.