Surprisingly, Celtics has a deeper team with a bit more experience, but Miami Heat is a hungry team that wants to prove to the NBA that it is one of the best teams in the world. When we reached the final of the Eastern Conference, it was hard to predict who would be on top between Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. The NBA Final is a coveted place, and based only on the list, the Celtics should at least be associated with the Hit. In the first match “Hit” won in extra time, and last night, after a 13-point break, they won again. Given the recent turbulence in the Celtics locker room, it will be interesting to see how they are moving forward again. After yesterday’s crash, Celtic star Markus Smart is playing a noisy game with his teammates. Reporter Gary Washburn stood outside the locker room throughout the episode and noticed that the other players joined the screams and objects were thrown into the locker room. The Celtics lost 2-0 to Miami Heath. Now t are two games left before Heath, which are unlikely to appear in the NBA final. As Washburn described, this was probably the worst feeling the team had ever seen in this bubble. Given what is at stake, this is certainly understandable. Tell me about the current state of hip-hop. Douglas P.

Marcus Smart