Any self-respecting Keeping Up With the Kardashians fan or follower of the Kardashians on social media knows Malika Haqq, Khloé Kardashian’s gorgeous BFF and sometimes assistant.

Over the years, we’ve seen Malika date athletes and even carry on an ongoing flirtation with Rob Kardashian, but now it seems like the reality sidekick has settled into a real relationship of her own – and you’ll never believe with whom.

Turns out, it was reality TV that brought them together: they met on the set of Famously Single.

“Our support for one another through this challenging experience made us strong in a very short period of time. We had an opportunity to really get to know each other living in such close quarter.”

Is Malika using the old Kardashian trick of playing up her personal life for ratings, or is this real love? We might never know the answer to that.

See Khloé defend her own love life on Wendy Williams, above.