[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EK3W755sx44[/embedyt] B-Boy Deepak will travel to Russia with BBoy Show-Rez, a Dance Mafia crew member, and BGirl Sumku, which will also be on Powermove and BGirl Battle. He had the opportunity to represent his country and his team at Russia’s largest and most doped breaking event, Street Art and B-Boying Tournament Combo Nation 11th Edition. Do you want to know who India’s youngest B-Boy is? Do you know what the street art and ComboNation of the B-Boying Tournament are?. Street Art B-Boying Tournament Combo Nation is organized by one of the prestigious B-Boy of Russia. On April 26, 27 and 28 will be held in Kazan, Russia, the 11th International Tournament of the Nation of B-Boying and Combo Street Art. With so many categories, this incredible B-Boying & Street Art Tournament Combo Nation Festival will be held continuously for 3 days. B-Boy, which is part of the Action Man Crew Russia team, Kazan and Original People, Russia. India’s youngest B-Boy, B-Boy Deepak, will have to play three fights to win this category. As a team dance, Mafia has worked with many major brands and has received high praise from the entire scene. B-Boy Deepak will enter the Baby Boy Pro category in Russia, which is aimed at children under the age of 10. I hope you will encourage B-Boy Deepak to attend this fantastic Breaking Festival. B-Boy Deepak is currently sponsored and signed by Mumbai Company artist Qyuki Digital Media Private Limited. POWER MOVES, TRICKS, INNOVATIVE STYLE, BREAK, B-GIRLS, STREET ART, BABY BOY PRO, KID POWER MOVE. The dance team Mafia is also known as DMC, registered as a company.