The way the trio rhymes with table tennis on their backs when they project the rocky threat of the dirty Buffalo streets from which they came is impressive: “Tito’s Back offers a selection of qualities that bring them closer to their growing audience and gave them a contract with Shady Records in 2017. Conway The Machine returned with more than his his signature, a sinister street language to “Tito’s Back”, the first single from his next band, Look What I Become. Benny The Butcher and Westide Gunn follow up on “their” Griselda Records albums. Conway, Benny and Gunn do what they do best in Derringer’s hard rock rhythm: they growl and laugh in the middle, full of jokes and silver-language verbal games. Buffalo, NY Rapper and the new founder of Griselda will release the “first” Shady Records album, God Don’t Make Errors, which will be available in October this year. Look What I’ve Became. I came from downstairs, out of now, and now I’m on a big record label that makes music with Eminem. I’m on fire and keeping the streets alive and happy.

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