Today, the Drug Enforcement Agency arrested Cameron Pettit, a 23-year-old Hollywood Hills resident, for allegedly selling fake Mac Miller pills containing fentanyl before he knew his death before an overdose, according to Fox journalist Bill Melugin, a subsidiary of Los Angeles and other sources. The report says Pettit agreed to sell Miller with oxycodone, cocaine and Xanax, but instead “gave” him oxycodone simulated with synthetic opioid fentanyl, which is 50 times stronger than heroin. According to the press release, Pettit knowingly sold the pills to Miller two days before Mac died of an overdose. Pettit was arrested this morning by the DEA’s Fusion Task Force for an arrest warrant for “distribution of a controlled substance” and is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. In these latest albums, such as The Divine Feminine and his latest album Swimming, he seems to have resigned himself to his problems, but was arrested for drunk driving just before Swimming’s release, suggesting that his struggle continues. Mac’s struggles against drug abuse are well documented – especially by Mac himself in albums like Watching Movies With The Sound Off and in interviews w he confirms that drugs hinder his career. Mac Miller is a Warner Music artist. Oxycodon, cocaine and Xanax. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had a chance to recover completely; I hope hip-hop can learn from his role model. A copy of the report is included below.

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