Davis’ compositions have been recorded by dozens of artists including Nancy Sinatra Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Reba McAntyre, Tom Jones, Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard and others. As a successful singer-songwriter, Dead At 78 Davis has turned a mid-level advertising career into a successful one by writing songs for the stars and recording his hits. T, at the age of 20, Davis began performing in bands and writing songs, working as a “promoter” for record companies and trying to get his releases heard on the radio. After writing songs for Sinatra and the surrounding pop community, Davis’ songs caught the attention of Elvis Presley, who made a his comeback. Mac Davis, a singer-songwriter who began a decade of music and entertainment boom in the early 1960s, died Tuesday in Nashville after a heart surgery. One of the songs Mac Davis wrote for Nancy Sinatra after her arrival in Los Angeles. Nick Nolte and Mac Davis in a scene from the 1979 film Forty North Dallas. Davis wrote songs for Dolly Parton until the 90s. His work as a songwriter for Liberty Records eventually brought him to Los Angeles and the work of Nancy Sinatra, who hired him to write songs for her and her company. At 16, Davis left Lubbock after graduating high school and moved to Atlanta to live with his mother Edith. He was included in the Composers’ Hall of Fame, the Nashville Composers’ Hall of Fame, the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame, the Georgian Music Hall of Fame and received the “BMI Icon” award. In total, he has released 19 albums in 25 years, starting with “Song Painter” in 1970s and ending with “Will Write Songs For Food” in 1994.

Mac Davis