Lupita Nyong’o has been cast in ‘Get Out’ director Jordan Peele’s new horror film titled ‘Us’. To a poster that was released last week to announce the film, Lupita’s name has now been added.

The poster shows two blurry faces facing different directions, potentially signifying a Rorschach ink blot test.

The text above the poster reads: “a new nightmare from the mind of academy award winner Jordan Peele”.

While, Get Out creator Jordan Peele has said that he would “Seriously consider” a sequel to the critically-acclaimed film, ‘Us’ is an original screenplay with ‘Black Panther’s Winston Duke rumoured to star, reports Hollywood Reporter.

It is supposedly going to two families, one of which is black, the other white.

See the poster for the new film from Jordan Peele below.

Back in March, Jordan Peele became the first black screenwriter to win Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars.

Speaking on the red carpet ahead of the ceremony, Peele said he had written the movie in a “Post-race America”, but that it and the reaction to it proved “We’re never done with the conversation of race”.

Accepting the award, the filmmaker said: “This means so much to me. I stopped writing this movie about 20 times because I thought it was impossible. I thought it wasn’t going to work. I thought no one would ever make this movie”.