39 turned also it’s safe to surmise that his hips are getting tired.

Every spring break for the past seven years, Mr. Bryan has played a show for hundreds of thousands of swimsuit-clad partyers – the revelry has become part of his brand.

“Kill the Lights”, Mr. Bryan’s fifth studio album, is his most mature, and nearly studiously un-pleasure.

Hearing Mr. Bryan sing in slo mo frequently exposes cracks in the facade that his more up-tempo songs mask.

He can be tender as he’s on “Quick” as well as the maudlin slow jam “Strip It Down.” When that tenderness turns to wistfulness, Mr. Bryan is at home, as on “Only Over,” w he is nursing a split, his voice shivering, and on the record’s closing ballad, “Scarecrows,” an outstanding paean to rowdy rural teenage living that’s among Mr. Bryan’s finest tunes.

Mr. Bryan’s bash was raging unimpeded.

Don’t count Mr. Bryan absolutely out, however.