Netflix premiered its first big-budget blockbuster film, Bright, this week-and it was absolutely savaged by critics.

The supernatural cop drama, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton and directed by David Ayer, has been called ” stupid,” “a waste of time,” and “The worst film of 2017.” Most of the critics who despise Bright seem to take issue with the movie’s central concept: Daryl Ward, a human cop, and Nick Jakoby, an orc cop, team up in a modern-day Los Angeles that’s home to fairies, elves and orcs.

One of the core complaints from critics is that Bright feels like it was written by an algorithm.

The reality is that many people will watch Bright regardless of what critics say.

He’s lovable, complicated and memorable-a first for movie orcs.

Smith has built an adoring audience by playing wisecracking hot heads in a slew of genre movies, Bright included.

That’s not the case with Bright; we see what the baddies are capable of before we meet them.