Another guest of “Maestro” is bassist Markus Miller who brings his frank bass parts to the big cover of the album – a respectable version of “Love Dance” by Ivan Lins, which emphasizes the exceptional, calm and turbulent nature of the album. This shows that Williams works as a musical architect who uses the talent of others to realize his “own” ideas and so he works with his “own” latest collection of “Love Factor”. Forget about the X factor right now, the demanding crowd of souls everyw in Brandon Williams’ Love Factor, born in Detroit. Williams worked closely with Duke before he found his miserable death, so it’s nice to hear the maestro again. Marvin Gaye fans will enjoy “In their Shoes”, a song full of “Gaye-ism” and an amazingly sweet Matt K├╝sson song. The 37-year-old boy began his his career at the age of 12 with his unique drummer style, and soon he began working under the direction of Michael J. From t he played, directed, promoted, arranged and produced him for all types of audiences. T are several clippings that contain George Duke’s welcome contribution. The album lasts only a few minutes and gives him more opportunities. Powell.