As the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival approaches, devoted music fans have been in the midst of another rite of spring: speculating on what’s going to happen when the music starts.

How will Lorde mark her return? Aside from a few TV performances, the New Zealand singer hasn’t done a full major concert since the end of 2014.

That will change at Coachella, w Lorde will return in advance of her forthcoming album.

What’s with the new acreage? This year the Coachella grounds will be larger than ever, with more room and potentially more people.

How will attendees respond to Lady Gaga? Coachella and mainstream pop music make for strange bedfellows.

Hans Zimmer, film composer, Coachella star? Best known as the composer of scores for blockbuster movies including “The Dark Knight,” “Inception,” “The Da Vinci Code” and dozens of others, Zimmer has created work that’s reached as many ears as Lady Gaga’s.

What will Kendrick do? As headliner, rapper Lamar will be making his Coachella mainstage debut, and will do so shortly after the release of new material.

Will the current political situation cut into Coachella’s international flavor?

Skipping Coachella? YouTube will once again livestream some of the action.