After a week of elaborate teases, pop star Lorde has finally unveiled her long-awaited new single, Green Light.

David Bowie believed the Lorde was “The future of music” – which is why the singer was chosen to pay tribute to him at last year’s Brit Awards.

Fittingly, portions of Lorde’s album were recorded in New York’s Electric Lady studios, w Bowie wrote Fame and recorded his swansong, Blackstar.

Lorde told Mistajam that Green Light was “About me trying to figure out how to put myself back together” after her first significant heartbreak.

Lorde may be referring to that or, more simply, a green light giving her permission to move on with her life.

Structurally and thematically complex, Green Light isn’t as immediate as previous Lorde singles like Royals and Yellow Flicker Beat.

The cathartic music video, directed by Grant Singer and featuring Lorde dancing in strobing green lights and on car roof-tops, helps give the song some context, too.

Lorde’s spent last year working on her new album with US musician Jack Antonoff.

Last year, Lorde scolded an impatient fan who said he was “Giving up” on the chances of hearing a follow-up to her debut album, Pure Heroine.