In a project w he joined London National Park City City, City Growth and Timberland, Carner helped “redesign” a new public space in Thornton Heath, near w he grew up in Croydon. It has always been much safer to live in cities. As times change slowly – terribly slowly – I think it’s important to say, “Look, this is safer than ever. Of course, times are not good, but they are much better than going out and dying in the woods because if you are black. “The reason why the black community has such a negative attitude towards life in the country is that when blacks came to this country, it was not safe to live in it. “We see people living above each other, six or seven family members in a two-bedroom apartment and they are stuck “and it is not human to be in such a room. He recently spoke to Black Minds Matter, an organization that wants to connect black people and families for free psychiatric care throughout the UK. He hopes the Thornton Heath region can help in this area, especially with youth in the community. “I talked to a psychologist, and she has done extensive research on the impact of being in this area on psychological well-being – [particularly] in the black community,” she says. This coincided with a period of warm weather, which meant that people who did not have a garden or similar green spaces nearby had limited access to the outside world. Carner always felt comfortable outdoors, but the racism that colored people often experience in this area is well documented and Carner is aware of this. On a cold September morning, the end of summer was announced, and Loyle Carner made a short presentation about gardening. The new space will serve as a public space w residents will have access to nature without having to go too far away from the surrounding area. Read more about Thornton Heath Square and Timberland Carner’s campaign “Nature Needs Heroes” recently helped to transplant a plot of land in a “their” house in South London.

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