American Idol’s new judging panel comprised of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie apparently consider themselves the Dream Team.

Katy was the first judge who signed on for American Idol’s upcoming revival on ABC, which premieres March 11, and then Luke followed suit.

“I heard that Luke was coming on and we were all wondering what the third position would be, and I was really gung-ho about Lionel coming in from Day 1,” Katy revealed to E! News.

Lionel was completely flattered at the time, saying he was “Blown away” to hear Katy had been pushing for him.

“I actually made the call, and was like, ‘It’s Lionel Richie,'” Katy insisted.

Lionel called judging contestants on American Idol’s sixteenth season an “Extension of my hobby.” He said that since the judges themselves are successful artists, they know enough to either boost an aspiring singer’s ego or provide a reality check.

” ‘What can I do to help you,’ or, ‘What can I say to let you know that this is not your career?'” Lionel explained, before Katy threw out the word “Delicately.”

Katy said each judge speaks his or her mind when critiquing the hopefuls, but Luke is especially “Sweet” while she is more “Cut and dry” with a short attention span.