The acronym stands for six different awards: the MacArthur Fellowship, the Pulitzer, the Emmy, the Grammy, the Oscar and the Tony.

It turns out Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of “Hamilton” who just nabbed himself a Golden Globe nomination for the song he wrote for the Disney animated film “Moana” is one little “O” away from completing the sextet.

The MacArthur foundation cited his work on the musical “In The Heights.” He won the “P” in 2016 for “Hamilton.” He won the “E” in 2014, when he was awarded a Primetime Emmy Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for his work on the song “Bigger” for the 67th Tony Awards.

He won the first “G” in 2008, taking home the gramophone for Best Musical Theater Album for “In The Heights.” And then he won it again for, yes, “Hamilton” in 2016.

Pending: the “O” which, if the Golden Globes are any indicator, he could win for his work writing “How Far I’ll Go,” the theme song for “Moana.” And he won his first slew of “Ts” back in 2008 for “In The Heights.” Then he won another batch in 2016, for … what was it? Oh yes.

Now, for those MacPEGOT deniers who think a little ol’ song from “La La Land” might upend Miranda’s chances of making history at the Academy Awards in 2017, think about this: Miranda is starring in the “Mary Poppins” reboot with Emily Blunt set for 2018.

Miranda taking home an Oscar isn’t just a possibility for this awards season, it’s probably an inevitability for all conceivable near-future awards seasons.

If he doesn’t MacPEGOT this February, he will MacPEGOT some February.

Another bit of trivia: The late composer Richard Rodgers, the namesake of the Broadway theater “Hamilton” calls home, achieved the enviable status of PEGOT winner.