Now I can access my program live and I guarantee that it will be a 12-year-old boy who is like “add me” and that I can literally add him and we can talk live with each other,” says Lillard, “and all my millions of disciples will see me talking to this child. “But t are millions of people who will, and when this story is told, and when it comes to life, people will be attracted to it because I am in contact with this group of people,” continues Lillard. “None of this is accidental,” says Lillard as he scans every number of his line of women’s shoes from 1 to 6 in downtown Portland. “I will feel good when he is okay and I know I shared him, pushed him, and brought him with me. “Lillard said. “This is w my strength resides because I don’t try to be what I’m not,” says Lillard. “You keep it as part of yourself,” Lillard said, “and how you handle things. “To know that t are many people who share my past and my way of seeing things, and who don’t have the platform to share or shed light. In a way, it’s just a scratch on the surface of the links that can be established between an amateur and a player, but it’s reduced to the aspect of entertainment and the ability to put oneself in the player’s place, the same thing that led Lillard to promotions like WWE. “I’ve always loved wrestling,” says Lillard. “T’s a surface for ladies,” says Taylor. “I’m very proud of it,” says Lillard. Lillard’s grandmother allows the lady and her cousins to “drink and go,” w she takes a sip, gives it to one of the children, and each of them takes a round and drinks a little before returning to the grandmother’s house. “The woman is exactly what you see,” says Cam Mason, shoe manager at adidas. Lady Jr., a year and a half old, has the same endless energy as her father, trampled her feet with a sinister look, climbed Lillard and tried to grab her chain, and made her version of the sprints on the floor of the Moda Center.

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