According to of the Times-Picayune newspaper, many of these viewers came to the cinema after the filming of the Meek Mill and as a result, caused damage to the territory of the festival, caused injury and theft of money and alcohol. Lil Visian’s 2019 party was the first United Nations event to feature “The Bold Sp” music in the Champions’ Square in downtown New Orleans. Last weekend, Lil Viziana hosted the Lil Wayne Festival at the UN Lakefront Arena, which attracted around 15,000 spectators. However, the show was finally resumed: Travis Scott restored order with “his” “own” service, and Lil Wayne brought unexpected guests in the future, local heroes of Choppu and Chicago Blakkka. Although the police do not know exactly what is causing the massacre, the hypothesis is that false reports of a shooting or fight will provoke a crowd, the results are undeniable. Chaos damaged concession booths and a tent by the stage, and cash registers and trash cans were stolen during the flight. Some participants used concessions to drink cognac bottles or give themselves a drink. I don’t know what is going on. At some point, I turned around to see what was going on, but everyone ran away. Unfortunately, t were no reports of this incident, so some participants had to leave early. You could say that they said, “My brother told me and my cousin: a lesson. No policeman approached the “source of mass panic”. This measure allowed the organizers to double the capacity of the festivals, and although more efforts are expected to be made to expand the festivals, the organizers seem to have been surprised by the new security needs.

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