While the Consumer Product Safety Commission has yet to comment on the line’s legal problems, MSCHF appears to still be on the right track, with a limited number of 666 recycled shoes apparently selling for the high price of $1,018. But that’s not all: he collaborated with viral company MSCHF to create a line of Nike Air Max 97s called “Satan Shoes” not only because of their purple design, but also because they contain a drop of blood. Lil Nas X responded to this controversy with a sarcastic video in which he first apologizes for helping create “Satan Shoes” and then abruptly moves to the climax of his new video when he starts spinning on the devil’s lap. As for the blood, it’s just a drop that mixes with the paint, which forms a bubble in the shoes. According to the New York Times, the shoe giant distanced himself from the shoe, and the young rapper himself issued a statement. “We have no relationship with Little Nas X or MSCHF,” the statement read. And w did that come from? From MSCHF’s small staff, each contributing enough to fill a large order. The shoes elicited mixed reactions. One of the detractors? Nike itself. Lil Nasa X had a great weekend.