Nas point of view by asking questions, the rapper “Hate what? Hart had already been criticized online for previous accusations of homophobia, which led him to stop awarding the Oscars and apologize for his use of hostile homosexual rhetoric in his special Standup precedents. 1 in the Hot 100 became even more historic when he came out as a homo, while “Old Town Road” continued to dominate the lists earlier this year. Of course, the issue was raised during Nas’s appearance at LeBron James last night, with Maverick asking Carter Nas why he came out when he came out. Nas began to explain, but was interrupted by his colleague Kevin Hart, who asked him why it was necessary to make a big scandal. So it’s up to me, the cool guy with the song up t, to say that every time I do it to draw attention in my eyes. Hart is recovering from back surgery after a car accident this weekend. “Homosexuality,” he said. “Homosexuals. If you really come from the neighborhood, you should know it’s not something.. The historical career of Lil Nas X to No.