Ironically, “Old Town Road was banned earlier this year at Billboard Country Letters because “it has not recorded enough elements of modern country music. “This decision caused many setbacks, and some fans and colleagues described it as a racially discriminatory decision. Friday, huh? Do you want new music? Well, we have it for you. Music C Crons is a global platform for the discovery of music artists, the hallmark of the best unsigned, independent and recently signed artists in the world. Billy Ray Cyrus, the country’s legend and father, Miley Cyrus, also had the same success with his his remix, and BTS, the superstar K-Pop, also had the same success with his his version. Country Trap Viral Smash defeated R&B mega stars Mariah Carey, boys 2 Men and the Latin American pop machine Daddy Yankee to take first place. Since last week Old Town Road has been awarded diamonds in France, platinum 6 times in Australia, platinum 3 times in the USA and platinum 3 times in the UK. The success of the song does not end t, but in fact it seems that all that is associated with Old Town Road is a certified gold mine.

Lil Nas X