During NBA All-Star weekend, rapper 2 Chainz competed in a basketball game against Jack Harlow and Quavo at the Bleacher Report’s “Open Run.” “Despite Lil Baby’s claims thata guy like Jack Harlow can’t beat him’ in a game, the game ended up being easy for Quavo and Harlow as they won 21-7. “They made me look good,” he said. “So it’s quite possible thattheir’ performance at the Open Run was just a matter of bad luck.” Until the rematch is confirmed, Lil Baby fans can wait for one of his upcoming projects: his Lamborghini Boys mixtape, which will feature only rappers with Lamborghinis, and “The Voice Of The Hero,” his collaborative mixtape with Lil Durk. The rapper shared a video earlier this month of his practicing some moves before playing a pickup. Jack Harlow is an artist with Warner Music. Lil Baby had a pretty disappointing performance, between a pretty poor free throw attempt and some missed shots. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group. “Give me three months to put it together,” “He” headlines the video. Nevertheless, he is asking for a second chance.

Lil Baby