It is a quality that anyone who has experienced a separation can understand: to extinguish all emotions because the feeling is too painful. What is your divorce routine? Maybe you spend weeks in bed watching the real Netflix documentaries about crime thriller movies that go through the social flows of your ex. SYITNL goes through the different stages of loss, but the final stage – acceptance – is the clearest. The album is not only about love and loss, but also about how society feeds our poisoned misunderstandings about love. The album covers all stages of the healing process, a process that is more than temporarily comparable to the mourning stages. Dead Star cheerful instrumentalists catch the manic waves that arise when a seemingly innocent image evokes a painful memory. Titles like “Rearview” evoke diffuse electronic soundscapes that seem to wander through a busy disco after letting go of a finger. If you’re Corin Liall Douieb, also known as The Last Skeptik, you go out and make one of the most personal albums of the year. It’s not a rant of self-pity against an inflexible world, but a great rant against adversity. Whatever you’re going through, See You in the Next Life proves that on the other hand you’re coming out stronger. Maybe you go the other way, drinking stupidly in dirty clubs and desperately looking for distraction in the embrace of drunken strangers. 15 million “earnings” reflect our desperate need for validation and the ability of smartphones without judgment. The beats reflect the anxious confusion associated with loss.

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