At the start of the Legendary Night Tour Future announced that it would offer a $2,000 scholarship to an amateur through his FreeWishes Foundation at every stop of the tour, as well as free tickets and limited clothing. The future may have written a humorous song with Drake about awarding scholarships to the strip club, but he seems to be doing so on his Meek Mill tour. *Include your name, manual, phone number, a copy of your active student card, the name of your college and the contact details of the school tax office in your email. You also need to be an active student in this city. The legendary night tour runs through October and is accompanied by Megan Tea Stallion, Senf and YG, who support the future and Meek Mill. You must be an active student in the same city. The deadline is the day before the show at 12.00 hours.

‘ Legendary Nights