[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rxkrj4IwOfM[/embedyt] With confessions from a garbage collector, Datkid showed that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing the right thing. As you can see from the title of the album, Confessions of a Crud Lord is darker, dirtier and dirtier than a McDonald’s toilet at 3am. While it’s fair to say that Datkid doesn’t care what you think, it would be unwise to assume that he is not interested in anything. Even given the lyrical agility of confessions, the secret ingredient is the reliable and fluid production of Shepherd Dog. Although Datkid is regularly advertised as “One to Watch”, he has received awards as a member of the Split Prophets team since 2012. Back with his third album, Datkid is ready to consolidate his reputation as king of the country. Confessions of Un Crud Lord fall on May 17 at High Focus Records. His verbal dexterity and wonderfully depraved words make he a master of commerce, and he is clearly willing to create his own song. If t is a man in Britain who can say that he doesn’t care, it’s Datkid. The album depends on the ease with which Datkid keeps the album, but the soundscapes of producer Four Owls do. Bristol Emcee made a career out of saying the unspeakable and throwing two sharp fingers at the convention. The personality of the rapper is based on crossing borders, and he likes to spit out the most scandalous currents. The bars are placed between the ribs like a rusty rod.