Family, friends and admirers gatd on Friday to celebrate the late rapper Nippsi Hasl and honor his memory of his “34 years”. Today we celebrate you, my beloved. Today we honor you, King, that we will live in our greatest vibration today, because that is how Nippe lived his life. Today, we must encourage and inspire, because this is how Hassle lived his life. Many gatd at your marathon clothing store, w Nipsi was murdered in March last year. Today we have to live in the strongest vibes because this is how Nippes lived. Today we have to inspire and inspire, because that’s how Hassle lived his life. He wrote about how important it was to remember how Nipsy lived his “own” life. His girlfriend and longtime companion, Lauren London, celebrated her life and legacy in a warm social media message. A large crowd of people gatd at the entrance to the shop of marathon clothes “her”, which closed after the tragic death of the rapper. Nipsie was shot dead for his marathon shop in Los Angeles in late March. T.I. paid tribute to the last rapper by organizing the Nipsey Hussle art exhibition at the Trap Music Museum in Los Angeles. Today we have to love and give the truth because that’s how he lived his life. Today we have to love and give the truth because that’s how He lived His life. London went to Instagram to share valuable memories with each other and take a picture of a small shelter for the late rapper. He was a powerful, strong and magical soul.

Lauren London Honors Life