“I used to drink every weekend on stage,” the Mexican regional performer revealed during a press conference for the new season of his NBC Universo show “LarrymanĂ­a.” “I would spend 12 days of the month completely drunk,” he added.

His partner, Kenia Ontiveros said that she’s happy Larry went through his legal issues in 2015 because he was forced to stop drinking by judge’s orders.

“He couldn’t stop drinking and he would say: ‘This is it, I’m going to stop for you guys,’ and he couldn’t and I keep telling him that I’m thankful that he went through what he went through because that finally made him stop drinking,” she said.

“My goal was to stop drinking,” Larry said.

“Kenia, my mom and my kids would ask me to stop doing it and I couldn’t, because maybe I needed God to really get my attention. I think about it that way and I’m content. I’m happy with the life I lead now.”

“People understand I’m not drinking,” he said at the press conference.