A video circulates in social media and shows the star how to grab his junk to avoid any discomfort. Recently, he has become involved in classical dance and has learned to move his big body in an elegant way for Dancing With The Stars. One of the most important moments of the show – it’s sad enough to say the tbh- is that of Lamar Odom and how he adapted his step in the middle of a live segment. In a Hollywood Life report, Odom apparently was talking right now and looking back with a smile on his face. The Hooper was impressive on the ground, but unfortunately for him his career in the program ended last night when he was eliminated from the competition. Lamar Odom made his part of the headlines during his life. He had one last moment of rest, but left a lasting impression on his fans across the country. A graphic can be shown upside down on your TV. Or maybe an actor lets out a swear word when he awards a prize to one of his closest colleagues. You never know what will happen live on TV. But it’s the truth you understand the problem. I guess that means I’m blessed.

Dancing Lamar Odom Caught