These are the unusual games in Kobe Bryant’s final season.

Bryant will play again in the city before retiring, decreasing the in-game buzz.

The Memphis Grizzlies got in touch with their long-lost offense and bolted past the Lakers, 112-96, Sunday evening at FedEx Forum.

Bigger than another one-sided box score, Bryant’s sore right knee almost kept him out of the game, he revealed afterward.

The Hornets will happily welcome Bryant and, really, the Lakers, who proved to be yet another feast for an opponent’s weak appetite.

“I like the way he’s been developing,” Bryant said.

Bryant approached him while they jogged downcourt, and they high-fived and started laughing after a brief talk, presumably about their age.

Bryant later reiterated past comments that Grizzlies forward Tony Allen was the best defender he ever faced.

The Grizzlies beat the Lakers a seventh consecutive time, their longest streak against them since joining the NBA in 1995-96.