With his knowledge and complex musical palette, the versatile DJ made his debut as a presenter when Diamz released his new single “Spaceship with Manchester favorite and Lady Ice from the BBC rap game. Coming from East London, Diamz immersed himself in local music culture, took part in C.M. battles and greeted his colleagues. He saw the importance of street music at first hand. As a lyricist and presenter of the Vibes-a-plenty “Spaceship”, Diamz shows “its” sweetness and safe use of “its” eastern London accent – a perfect blend with the bright northern tones and experienced Lady Ice talent. Is it Friday? Would you like a new song? Well, we have this for you. Music Crowns is the world’s platform for opening up music artists, a place where the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly signed music artists can go. Diamz comes with a sharp sword that has developed and penetrated into “your” art with influence and style over the years. With his musical talent, Diamz can be known for his years in the UK as a DJ and a famous artist. The company is designed by industry professionals for people who are looking for a passionate team to join a personal campaign to promote their product. As Diaz raises the heat, the Ice Lady jumps on stage and drops a cold worm. Their team is open and thrives not only at work, but also on bringing in fresh, raw and often exciting new talents. Ten Letter is an independent television, radio and Internet promotion company.

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