Lady Gaga has been hospitalized and forced to pull out of the upcoming Rock in Rio music festival in Brazil, citing “Severe physical pain” and posting a photo of what resembles an IV in her arm.

Her representatives said in a statement that Lady Gaga was suffering from “Severe physical pain” that affected her ability to perform and that she was under the care of “Expert medical professionals.”

She posted a photo on Instagram of her arm with a needle in it and a tube running outside the photo’s frame.

Brazil, I’m devastated that I’m not well enough 2 come to Rock In Rio.

I would do anything 4 u but I have to take care of my body right now.

Xoxo, Gaga September 14, 2017 I ask for your grace and understanding, and promise that I will come back and perform for you soon.

Xoxo, Gaga September 14, 2017 I was taken to the hospital its not simply hip pain or wear & tear from tour, I’m in severe pain.