“A royalty check was found today on Easy Street,” the music store said last week on Instagram. “We just found it or rather said it was noticed,” said store owner Matt Vaughan at NME about the item “he” found on many visits to Nirvana. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Easy Street Records staff found the item from a collection purchased in the 1990s. A 28-year licensing check issued to Kurt Cobain, the leader of Nirvana, was recently discovered at a record store in Seattle. In other Nirvana news, the live release of the band’s Live and Loud in 2013 was officially released for the first time in its entirety on YouTube. He also found a warrant for the owner of Cobain, one of the rocker’s behind-the-scenes passes and a late medical bill. “We looked for them a little, but we saved them. The long-lost balance was the ridiculous sum of $26.57 – a drop in the ocean compared to the large sums the deceased musician had received towards the end of “his” “career. The NME discovered that the check was worth about $50 in today’s dollars. See photos of the check at the bottom of this post. 2019 Loudwire is part of Loudwire Network, Townsquare Media, Inc. 30, the same day as the set’s digital and vinyl release, as highlighted in Sound Consequence. Watch the video and the list of tracks looking at the photos. Cobain” to an address in Olympia, Washington.

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