Here are the three sketches that will have people talking until the show returns in December.

When paired with last week’s Election Night sketch, you can see a pattern emerging in which SNL wrestles with its own blind spots when it came to this year’s Presidential election.

It’s not going to be a particularly popular sketch, I’d wager.

Most successful sketches work above all because of the writing.

Luckily, the sketch still makes a mark even without the final twist.

In a time in which so many things bring us down, a supremely dumb sketch about ghost cats featuring two all-time sketch comedy pros clearly enjoying each other’s company is a sweet relief.

You could take each single joke and tease out an entire history behind it: In what bunker was Wiig’s character trapped, and for how long? How did McKinnon’s character get gaslit by a cat? This is a very simple sketch that manages to create a three-dimensional universe with its own skewed logic.