Kristen Stewart plays a grieving twin in Olivier Assayas’ ghost story ‘Personal Shopper.

In Personal Shopper, Kristen Stewart plays her most confounding character to date: a grieving psychic moonlighting as a high-fashion buyer.

“To play that was interesting, because I had no way in preparing for it. It was just being willing to be the most lonely and isolated you could ever possibly imagine,” says Stewart, 26, who continues her recent streak of offbeat fare in the supernatural thriller.

Reteaming with Stewart, “I was excited about the idea of trying with her something that is multi-layered, because she is an actress of great depth and subtlety,” Assayas says.

Kristen Stewart unveiled her short platinum hair at a Los Angeles premiere for ‘Personal Shopper’ on March 7.

Texting for long, mostly silent scenes, “My fear was that it’d be boring and unengaging,” Stewart says.

Kristen Stewart had her first hosting gig on ‘Saturday Night Live’ last month.

“This year has felt so good,” Stewart says.