St. Dog” not only participated in several albums with the band, but also released three solo albums before finishing with the band on the album “Kingdom Come in 2018. Mourning continued throughout the week, when a member of the band D-Loc published a video greeting with tears in front of the musician, reflecting on his “own” youth and showing how difficult it is to face death. The band also sells special goods in honor of Tronson to help his family to take care of the funeral and to clean up his last things. “We will miss you and your big heart,” the group said. “You were unique, and our hearts are broken. The group also published a magazine photo of the early period. But we promised to preserve your legacy through your music. You have played so many people, and we will preserve “your” heritage. Everyone needs time to say a few words or tell a story about our fallen brother. 2020 Loudwire, Townsquare Media, Inc. comes here to pick up or give a T-shirt.

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