Kodak Schwarz asks Michael Rapaport to “suck a baby D*ck”. In response to these accusations, Rapaport Kodak Black said to “get out of here with this madness” while insisting that his illusions were comparable to those of a recreational player who compares himself to an NBA player. Finally, I heard that Rapaport was angry with Kodak Black because he had defeated Tupac and Biggie on the all-time list. Inevitably, the message reached Kodak Black, who decided that last night’s concert in Warfield, San Francisco, was the right time and place to present his response. Kodak Black’s war of words with actor Michael Rapaport has reached its lowest point. Then Kodak Black picks up his set with a quick move and returns to “Roll In Peace,” ironically the next song on his setlist. He has yet to reject his unpopular opinion, and should continue to do so in the near future after Kodak deactivated his Instagram account and limited it to a set of messaging labels with fans attending his concerts. Michael Rapaport is often inserted or appears uninvited, unexpectedly at the party. Whatever the situation, you can bet that Rapaport will bring his own team to the Meadowlands. For now, don’t get involved in black cases. It’s a big-mouthed Noo Yawk classic with roots in the culture, so it doesn’t take much to bother him, especially if you touch one of his sacred altars. “But tell that idiot to stop playing with me, man, “I love my crackas now,” he began to growl unexpectedly between songs. So tell him to listen to my album.