After a long history of crime and questionable behaviour, Florida rapper and legendary Bentley meme Kodak Black has been reported to be receiving a three year prison sentence.

Today, we can confirm that Kodak Black has not been sentenced and all accusations are untrue.

The main source of the hoax came from a small magazine on Twitter with over 2,000 retweets on their original post, despite it being fake.

The Florida Sheriffs department of arrests has released Kodaks investigation report stating that his charge is “Robbery” and the charge status is “Pending”.

Kodak can not have been sentenced if it is pending.

The reality is that until Kodak steps into court in front of a Florida Judge, his sentence will not be available, despite what other sources say!

“To some Kodak fans, the biggest shock after seeing his profile report is that he stands at only 5″9.

By no means does mean that Kodak isnt going to jail, because he might just be The point is that he has not been sentenced yet.

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