Music C Crons is the world‘s premier platform for discovering new artists, promotions and opportunities for the world’s best independent and revolutionary artists who have not signed a contract. Today, “he” starts as an independent artist who loves guitar, constantly strives to master “his” instrument, and wants to be one of those who keep the rock alive and move it as much as possible. Music C Crons is a global platform for the discovery of musicians, the hallmark of the world’s best unsubscribed, independent and recently signed musicians. Friday, right? Do you want new music? Well, we have it for you. He doesn’t play the drums, “he” plays “his” own songs, which allows “him” to quickly record and edit “his” own songs without worrying about the logistics of forming a band. His first single, “Tell me what I said”, will be released on October 26th, 2019 and will bring “his” “own” alternative rock’n’roll to the world. His sound is based on big guitar parts, cool arrangements with almost instantly inspiring vocals and satirical narrative texts. After the explosion of “his” last promising band in Copenhagen, caused by factors beyond “his” control, Kip decided to go “his” own way and leave the stress of group dynamics behind. Born and raised near London, McClagger is now born and raised in “his” native Copenhagen, w “his” mother is a man of two countries and two languages. Kip McLejar is an exciting and refreshing artist who wants to say something new and original.

Kip Macklejar